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  • January Security Minute

    Homeland Security Minute

    Jan 2021

    I’m glad to see 2020 leave. As we enter the new year it is a good time to stop and review the security of our house and property. Removing Christmas lights and ornaments provides a time to look around the exterior of our home and check out several items.

    First, is the exterior of the house free from items that can provide concealment to persons intent on looking into or breaking windows? Is the exterior well lit at night to prevent shadows from providing hiding spots?

    Second, do entrance doors have windows or side panels that, when broken, may allow doors to be unlocked and provide entry into the home? Do the locks in fact work well and only the people who need to have access to the key or keys?

    If you have a CCTV system, do all the cameras work? Can you review video from days earlier? Has the system been secured by MAC address filtering and strong passwords?

    How about your backyard? Can someone access it easily through an outside gate? What's the route to the back door and how easy is it to open? Take a look at your backyard with a view of “If I was a bad guy, how could I enter this house without making too much noise?”

    Once you’ve walked your outside perimeter, walk your inside perimeter. Are all the windows lockable and do the locks work well? Are hallways and open spaces free of trip and fall hazards if there were no light? When was the last time you checked your fire alarm?

    This list can be as long as your imagination, but you do need to take a look for the most common security faults. Take a moment, look around and fix what needs to be fixed to keep you and your family safe within your home.

    LtCol CF “Buck” Hamilton, CPP PSP

                                                                                                                                              USMC (Ret)

    Jan 2021 HS Minute.pdf

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