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  2. Please review the attached newsletter. Jul - Aug 2021.pdf
  3. Please see the notes and agenda from the meeting. Planning Meeting notes July 2021.pdf Planning Meeting Agenda 17 JULY 2021.pdf
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    August Luncheon will be held at Applebee's and via Zoom. The program will include a report on the National Convention, presentation of awards to Companions and the installation of this year's officers.
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    August Staff meeting will be held via Zoom
  7. BuckH

    El Paso Scouts in Action

    During July Scout Troop 4 visited Washington, DC and Scout Troop 123 attended camp at Lost Pines Scout Camp.
  8. Please review the August Security Minute listed below. Aug 21 HS Minute.pdf
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  10. BuckH

    July Planning Meeting

    Planning meeting was held on July 17 via Zoom and in person attendance.
  11. BuckH

    June Meeting Recognizes First Respnders

    The 12 June meeting of the Greater El Paso Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars recognized two years of service by First Responders. Present at the event were representatives from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the Anthony, Tx Police Department.
  12. Please see the attached file. July 2021 Security Minute.pdf
  13. Please see the meeting agenda and minutes. MOWW June Chapter mtg 2021 ANSON 11.pdf MOWW Meeting Minutes 6-12-2021.pdf
  14. Please see the attached document. STAFF MTG MOWW JUNE 2021.pdf
  15. Please see the attached file. June 2021 Homeland Security Minute.pdf
  16. Please see the attached newsletter May - June 2021.pdf
  17. Please see the attached news release. press-release-5-20-21.pdf
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    Regular monthly staff meeting via Zoom.
  19. Monthly staff meeting will be held on Zoom.
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    Due to a scheduling conflict, the June meeting will be held on Saturday 12 June. The location is Anson-11 at 303 N Oregon St, El Paso, TX 79901.
  21. Please see the attached documents. 15 May Meeting Agenda.pdf MOWW Minutes 5-15-2021.pdf
  22. Here is the agenda for the May staff meeting held at 1900 on Monday 10 May STAFF MTG 10 MAY 2021.docx
  23. A little late but here is the Homeland Security Minute. May HS Minute 2021.pdf
  24. BuckH

    April Meeting Photos

    Photos from the Saturday 17 April hybrid meeting.
  25. Attached are the minutes of the meeting. MOWW Minutes 4-17-2021.pdf
  26. The agenda is listed below. APRIL CHAPTER MTG Agenda.pdf
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    Meeting of the chapter staff via Zoom
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