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  1. August 2018 meeting agenda.
  2. The July meeting was a staff planning meeting to outline the events for the new fiscal year of the chapter (July - June) Agenda July 2018 staff meeting.pdf
  3. October meeting agenda CHAPTER LUNCHEON OCT 2018.pdf
  4. The November meeting agenda with CBP Air and Marine speaker Rudy Maldinado CHAPTER LUNCHEON NOV. 2018.pdf
  5. The Chapter's Christmas meeting agenda. CHAPTER LUNCHEON December 2018.pdf
  6. BuckH

    First Responder Awards Ceremony

    Each year the El Paso Chapter recognizes superior service provided by First Responders to the community. On Saturday 18 May, we recognized El Paso Fire Department FST Eric J. Gonalez as the Fire Officer of the Year, El Paso Sheriff's Sergeant Robert Graniano as the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, and El Paso Sheriff's Office Volunteer Tom Dean as the Law Enforcement Volunteer of the Year. Sergeant Graniano will be submitted as El Paso's nominee for the MOWW Nation Law Enforcement of the Year Award.
  7. The chapter agenda when State Representative Joe Picket spoke to the membership. Sep Mtg.pdf
  8. The Massing of the Colors was held on 27 April in lieu of the normal chapter luncheon. April MOC Program.pdf
  9. There was no chapter meeting in January 2019
  10. May Meeting Agenda.pdf
  11. BuckH

    December 2018

    The December newsletter. Dec 18.pdf
  12. The November newsletter. Nov 18.pdf
  13. The August 2018 newsletter/bulletin Aug 18.pdf
  14. Due to the Massing of the Colors ceremony, chapter did not hold a regular meeting and therefore no Homeland Security Minute was produced
  15. There was no chapter meeting in January 2019 and therefore no January Homeland Security Minute was produced
  16. BuckH

    Buck & Aga's Cats

    Pictures of the furry creatures that let us share their home.
  17. From the album: Buck & Aga's Cats

    Mr. Winston the kitten watches over the server rack in the main office.
  18. Homeland Security Minute for the May 2019 Chapter Minute May HS Minute.pdf
  19. Agenda for May Staff Meeting May Staff Mtg MOWW.docx
  20. Document governing the MOWW Department of the Rio Grande Department of the Rio Grande Bylaws 2013 Approved.pdf
  21. Governing document for MOWW Region XIII Region XIII Bylaws.pdf


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