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  1. It’s almost time for the 2021 Hiring Red White and You! Job Fairs, They will be happening all over the state on November 4, some are in person, some are virtual, and some are both. Listen to find out how you can prepare and how you can attend. ow.ly/ABn050GsEwc pic.twitter.com/A71KEBwixa
  2. BuckH

    October 16, 2021 Meeting

    Screen shots of the hybrid Chapter meeting held at Applebee's Grill & Bar.
  3. Please review the minutes of today's meeting. Meeting Minutes 10-16-2021.pdf
  4. Please see the Meeting Agenda for the October meeting below: CHAPTER MTG October 2021.pdf
  5. Hiring Red, White and You! job fairs will be happening across the state on November 4. Find the location for your area here: ow.ly/iAfn50Gpoj6 Register to get ready at workshops like this one. ow.ly/heh150Gpoj7 pic.twitter.com/7611XJ1GQE
  6. https://anchor.fm/texasveteranscommission/episodes/Community-Help-from-Veterans-Mental-Health--Meet-a-Veteran-County-Service-Officer-and-Saving-New-Veteran-Business-Owners-Money-e187ppm
  7. Please read this month's security minute about cyber security. Oct 21 HS Minute.pdf
  8. Please note the Sep-Oct Newsletter. 70 Sep - Oct 2021.pdf
  9. BuckH

    Scouting Events in 2021 - 2022

    Chapter involved Scouting events during 2021-2021
  10. TexasVeterans 2021-Sep-26.jpg Texas Veterans Commission is now taking applications from nonprofits for next season's Fund for Veterans' Assistance Grants. Apply here: http://ow.ly/k9fu50GgEjx . Applications are due Nov. 3, 2021. Listen in on some current grantees. http://ow.ly/9r3M50GgEju https://twitter.com/TexasVeterans/status/1442164575189749760/photo/1
  11. BuckH

    Citizens of the Year Meeting

    On Saturday 18 September the Chapter meet to celebrate the 2020 and 2021 Citizens of the Year. Mayor Oscar Lesser was an honored guest who received the awards on behalf of the City of El Paso. Commander Ryan Urrutia from the Sheriff's Departments accepted the awards for the County of El Paso. The meeting was covered by two local TV channels.
  12. Please check out the meeting agenda. MOWW Meeting Minutes 9-18-2021.pdf Agenda 09-19-2021.pdf
  13. Texas Veterans Commission (@TexasVeterans) 9/12/21, 11:35 Texas Veterans Commission is taking part in a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Townhall on September 17. Listen in for a preview of information that can benefit everyone. Plus registration continues for the American Legion Hybrid Career Fair. ow.ly/b9hU50G8ulQ pic.twitter.com/29DbeJpMU1
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