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  1. BuckH

    Veteran's Day Chapter Participation

    Companions from the Greater El Paso Chapter and the chapter sponsored Scout Troop 37 particpated in the El Paso Veterans' Day Parade held on Saturday 9 November.
  2. The November Security Minute is the first part of a two-part discussion of security awareness. Nov Security Minute.pdf
  3. BuckH

    2019 Veterans' Forums

    The MOWW Veterans' Forums is an annual event where MOWW Companions and friends visit local elementary schools prior to Veteran's Day to discuss the meaning of Veteran's Day, how it was created, and what it means to be a veteran. The Companions also discuss respect for the American flag and present each student with a small American flag.
  4. until
    Veterans' Forum at the Cielo Vista Elementary School. POC is Christian Diaz
  5. This is the agenda for October even though it is misdated for 21 September instead of 19 October. Oct Mtg Agenda.pdf
  6. BuckH

    October 2019 Chapter Luncheon Meeting

    At the October meeting Protective Security Advisor Raul Perez from DHS/CISA was the guest speaker and spoke of the differenent Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency programs. Also during the meeting, two new perpetual members were sworn into the Order. The new perpetual members are LTC John Hamilton and LTC Richard Moore and they are pictured with their sponsors CPT David Thackston and COL Maureen Lofberg.
  7. BuckH

    October 2019 Massing to the Colors

    A very Successful Massing of the Colors was held at the El Paso Community College Auditorium on Saturday 5 October.
  8. until
    The forum will be held at Fannin Elementary. Mrs Perez will be the POC.
  9. until
    The forum will be held at Polk Elementary. Mrs Finley is the POC.
  10. until
    The forum will take place at Clardy Elementary. Miss Locke and Carmina Hall are the POCs.
  11. until
    The Veterans' Forum will be held at Ft Bliss Elementary, Ms Joplin will be the POC.
  12. until
    Veterans' Forum conducted at Zavala Elementary School. Ms Miranda is the point of contact.
  13. The minutes of the regular staff meeting held in September. Sep Staff Minutes.pdf
  14. BuckH

    MOWW Practice

    Walk through of the Massing of the Colors
  15. Here is the latest newsletter. Sep - Oct Newsletter.pdf

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