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  1. until
    Public health conditions allowing, the Chapter will host it's December Christmas Luncheon at Applebee's Grill and Bar. Lunch will be ordered at 1130 and the meeting will begin at 1215 and streamed live via Zoom.
  2. until
    Monthly staff meeting to discuss future activities.
  3. BuckH

    National Elections

    National Elections are held. Please Vote for the candidates of your choice.
  4. until
    Public health restrictions allowing, the Chapter will hold it's November meeting at Applebee's Grill & Bar. Lunch will be ordered at 1130 and the meeting will begin at 1215 and streamed live via Zoom.
  5. until
    The monthly staff meeting will be held via Zoom. The staff will discuss budget items and what future activities can be conducted amid public health restrictions.
  6. until
    The Chapter will be conducting Virtual Veteran's Forums for Veteran's Day. These forums will be either prerecorded or streamed live via Zoom to selected El Paso schools.
  7. The Chapter held its first physical meeting in many months and lived streamed the meeting via Zoom. The meeting was held at Applebee's on George Dieter. Region XIII Commander Pat Stolze installed the chapter's new officers and spoke to the Companions about the challenges the Order faces in a covid19 environment. ABC News from Channel 7 KVIA covered our meeting and interviewed both Chapter Commander Jesus Beltran and Region XIII Commander Pat Stolze. The news story was broadcast several times during Sunday 18 October.
  8. Agenda for the 17 October Chapter Luncheon Meeting. Oct Mtg Agenda 2020.pdf
  9. Please review the attached newsletter.Sep - Oct 2020 WS.pdf
  10. October Homeland Security Minute - Please see the file as the graphic would not copy Oct 2020 HS Minute.pdf
  11. until
    We will hold a virtual staff meeting. Details will be emailed to the Staff.
  12. until
    The first chapter meeting in forever will be held at the Applebee's on George Dieter. The restaurant and grill has a meeting room in the back that we will be using. Companions may order lunch from the menu and drinks from the bar. Please RSVP so we can ensure sufficient servers will be available.
  13. BuckH

    Zoom Chapter Meeting

    A chapter meeting was held via Zoom with Regional & National staff and chapter participating companions. This meeting was not widely advertised.
  14. The September Security Minute is posted below. Remember September is National Preparedness Month. Visit www.Ready.gov for tips. Sep HS Minute 2020.pdf
  15. Please review the current newsletter. Jul_-_Aug_2020_Newsletter.pdf

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