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  1. until
    Meeting of the chapter staff via Zoom
  2. until
    Join us at 1130 for lunch or 1200 for the start of the meeting on Zoom.
  3. until
    Join us at 1130 for lunch or 1200 for the start of the meeting on Zoom. At this meeting we will recognize our Octo/Nano Senior Members.
  4. Please see the attached newsletter. If you wish the newsletters to be emailed to you, please provide your email address using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the main website page. Mar - Apr 2021.pdf
  5. This month's minute wouldn't format correctly. Please see the attached file. April 21 Security Minute.pdf
  6. Minutes for our March Hybrid meeting. MOWW Minutes 3-20-2021.pdf
  7. The hybrid meeting agenda for March. Agenda 20 March 21.pdf
  8. BuckH

    March Hybrid Meeting 03-20-2021

    Screen shots and photos from our March 20 meeting.
  9. Homeland Security Minute A Different Kind of Threat I have often talked about paying attention to the indicators around us to identify man-made threats. Identifying something is wrong is the first step, but even more important is taking action to negate or act on the possible threat. Friday night last my wife was feeding the community cats in our front and back yards. She returned into the house and mentioned to me that she was smelling gas out front. I looked up with some doubt in my eyes and said I’d check it out. I went into the back yard, walked a
  10. until
    This month's speaker will discuss the status of Covid 19 Public Heath actions in El Paso.
  11. until
    A special meeting to create a possible officers slate for June elections.
  12. until
    Monthly staff meeting.
  13. BuckH

    ROTC Virtual Roundtable

    On 25 February the Chapter held its first ever Virtual Roundtable for NROTC & JROTC cadets in the greater El Paso area. The featured speaker was National MOWW CINC BGen Frederick Lopez. Almost 60 Companions, Staff, and ROTC cadets and staff participated.
  14. BuckH

    20 February Staff Meeting

    The Chapter held a Zoom planning meeting to discuss our calendar for the rest of the year.
  15. Please review the Homeland Security Minute Posted below: February 21 HS Security Minute.pdf
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