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  2. The September Security Minute is posted below. Remember September is National Preparedness Month. Visit www.Ready.gov for tips. Sep HS Minute 2020.pdf
  3. Please review the current newsletter. Jul_-_Aug_2020_Newsletter.pdf
  4. BuckH

    Recent Scout Activity

    The scouts and parents of Troop and Pack 37 sponsored by Greater El Paso Chapter of the MOWW conducted a school yard cleaning of the outside grounds at Bill Sybert School (SISD) on Saturday 8 August 2020. This was the first outside activity the units have done. All other meetings and trainings have been done via zoom. Companions Laura and Jesus Beltran are the adult leaders of the groups.
  5. This month's minute was information on ATM skimming obtained from the El Paso FBI's Tweeter Account. Aug HS Minute.pdf
  6. This security minute is a repeat of an article I wrote in August 2012. July 2020 HS Minute.pdf
  7. This is the last newsletter of the 2019 - 2020 program year. May - June 2020 Newsletter.pdf
  8. This months Security Minute is from the Social Security Agency via the El Paso FBI tweet. June Homeland Security Minute.pdf
  9. until
    The meeting of the newly elected Staff and interested parties to plan events for the 2020 - 2021 program year. Meeting location TBD.
  10. The April Staff Meeting was held via phone conference on Tuesday 7 April. No one kept minutes of our first phone staff meeting as our Adjutant JoAnne Barton was still ill and hospitalized.
  11. The staff meet via phone conference on Tuesday 5 May. No formal meetings were produced but the May Commander's Comments is a good summation of the items discussed during the meeting.
  12. The May meeting was cancelled by order of the CINC due to the coronavirus pandemic. May Mtg Agenda.pdf
  13. The April meeting of the Greater El Paso Chapter was cancelled by order of the CINC due to the coronavirus pandemic. April Mtg Agenda.pdf
  14. The March meeting was cancelled by orders of the CINC due to the coronavirus pandemic March Mtg Agenda.pdf
  15. The Security Minute is late this month, because I forgot. With no MOWW activities except a phone conference with the Staff, the coronavirus mess took up most of my attention. I hope you enjoy the minute as it has a little different flavor this month. May HS Minute.pdf
  16. The HS Minute discusses corona virus safety. April 2020 HS Minute.pdf
  17. The March - April Newsletter has corona virus advice. Mar - Apr 2020.pdf
  18. A few thoughts on House of Worship emergency action plans. March Security Minute.pdf
  19. The February meeting recognized local JROTC and ROTC units from the surrounding area. Feb Meeting Agenda.pdf
  20. BuckH

    February 22 JROTC Luncheon

    Various JROTC Units joined the Chapter to recognize their leadership and to hear Captain Kris Yagel speak on Personal Courage.
  21. This is our first newsletter for 2020. Jan - Feb 2020.pdf
  22. Here is the February Homeland Security Minute Feb 2020 HS Minute.pdf
  23. This month's minute on cyber security is provided by CPT Bob Melson. Jan Security Minute.pdf
  24. The December meeting was held on Saturday 21 December at the Golden Corral Restaurant. Dec 2019 Meeting Agenda.pdf
  25. BuckH

    Christmas Luncheon Meeting

    The December Chapter Luncheon was held on Saturday 21 December. Carols were played and sung, the raffle was held and several awards and Certificates of Appreciation were presented.
  26. BuckH

    Scouting Events

    This gallery is for pictures from Scouting Events sponsored or supported by the El Paso Chapter.
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